Nonmammalian-Based Assay Diluent


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100 mL, 500 mL, 1 L, 10 L

  • Reduces the effects of the sample matrix and variation among samples. Pre-dilution of the samples is not necessary.
  • Reduces background noise caused by nonspecific interactions between the sample matrix proteins and the plate surface.

Just pipette diluent directly onto the plate before you add samples.

A buffer is used to equalize any differences between the sample matrix (serum, plasma, urine, cell culture fluid) and the diluent is used to generate the standard curve.

  • EAD100 General Assay Diluent for Serum & Plasma Samples (Sandwich Format)
  • EAD200 IgM (Positive Interference) Reducing Assay Diluent (All ELISAs)
  • EAD300 Nonmammalian-Based Assay Diluent (Ag Down and Sandwich ELISAs)
  • EAD400 Antigen-Down Assay Diluent (Ag Down and Sandwich ELISAs)

EAD300 Nonmammalian-Based Assay Diluent (Ag Down and Sandwich ELISAs)

Cell Technology’s Nonmammalian-Based Assay Diluent for serum and plasma samples has been specially formulated for antigen-down ELISA formats. EAD contains a non-mammalian protein base designed to minimize nonspecific binding of the sample matrix to “sticky” adsorbed protein antigens. Specially selected detergents have also been added to enhance the specific signal without denaturing immobilized proteins, helpful when evaluating human, porcine, and bovine serum samples. EAD300 also contains proprietary additives designed to inhibit complement and thrombin activity present in serum and plasma samples. Nonmammalian-Based Assay Diluent does not contain any immunoglobulin-based components that could interfere with anti-IgG signal-generating formats.