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100 mL, 500 mL, 1 L, 10 L

  • Increases the Sensitivity of the Assay.
  • Decreases Backgrounds.
  • Stabilizes Newly Conjugated Proteins. Also reconstitutes lyophilized conjugates and diluents concentrates conjugates.
  • Prolongs the Shelf-Life of HRP-conjugated proteins and enhancing their utility in ELISA applications.
  • Extends the Useful Titer of the conjugate.
  • Conserves Valuable Reagents. By promoting a higher specific signal, less conjugate may be needed to generate a signal when a stabilizing conjugate diluent is used.
  • Lengthens the Shelf-Life of conjugated antibodies for future use. With a longer shelf-life, conjugates may be prepared in batches for use in future plate coating runs. Using conjugates from the lot generally reduces inter-assay variability and increases consistency.

To stabilize newly conjugated proteins, add 1 part of the appropriate 5x conjugate diluent (that has not been diluted to 1x) to 4 parts of the new conjugate solution.
To reconstitute lyophilized conjugates, simply pipette a known amount of a 1x conjugate diluent into the vial. The liquid conjugate is now ready to be used directly, or further diluted to the required concentration.
To dilute concentrated conjugates for use in an assay, pipette a known amount of the conjugate stock into a 1x conjugate diluent.

Conjugate Diluents stabilize newly conjugated proteins, reconstitute yophilized conjugates, and dilute concentrated conjugates. Cell Technology’s conjugate diluents stabilize the immunoglobulin and HRP components of the conjugate – protein complex. All conjugate diluents are available at 1x and 5x concentrations. When stored unopened and protected from light, a shelf-life of 18 months can be expected at 2°-8°C.

ECD400 Monoclonal - Goat Polyclonal Conjugate Diluent & Stabilizer

This diluent is a unique formulation specifically designed for use in monoclonal capture and goat polyclonal-HRP sandwich ELISA formats. Additives were carefully selected to specifically address the stability and nonspecific binding issues associated with this type of ELISA format. Goat proteins are included to reduce any nonspecific interactions between the monoclonal capture and goat polyclonal-HRP antibodies. CD4 also contains mouse IgG to specifically suppress nonspecific bridging of the goat polyclonal-HRP conjugate with the mouse capture IgG on the plate surface. To further reduce nonspecific binding of the conjugate to the plate surface, adetergent is also included. Antimicrobial agents have been added to retard bacterial growth. When stored unopened and protected from light, a shelf-life of 18 months can be expected at 2°-8°C.