Fluoro MPO



Key Benefits

  • Can monitor multiple time points to follow kinetics.
  • One-step, no wash assay.
  • Adaptable for High Throughput format.
  • Highly Sensitive.
  • Applications – Fluorescent Plate Reader or Absorbance Plate Reader.

Additional information

Kit Size


  • Detection of MPO activity in neutrophils and macrophages.
  • Detection of PMN infiltration in tissue samples (inflammation and innate host defense mechanisms).
  • Acute and chronic inflammatory disorders due to oxidative tissue damage.
  • MPO activity in acute and chronic manifestations of cardiovascular disease.


Figure 1. MPO standard curve was serially diluted in 1X Reaction Buffer. Reaction cocktail (RC) was prepared as described (without EPO inhibitor). Next 50uL of MPO standard and 50uL of RC was added to individual well of a 96 well black plates. The plate was incubated at room and temperature in the dark. Data collected Ex:530nm Em:590nm

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