Fluoro H202



Key Benefits

  • Quick 10 minute assay.
  • Can monitor multiple time points to follow kinetics.
  • Dual mode, can detect H202 or peroxidase activity.
  • One-step, no wash assay.
  • Adaptable for High Throughput format.
  • Non-destructive cell based assay allows monitoring of additional parameters.
  • Applications – Fluorescent Plate Reader.

Additional information

Kit Size


The Fluoro H2O2 detection kit utilizes a non-fluorescent detection reagent, to detect H2O2. H2O2 oxidizes the detection reagent in a 1:1 stoichiometry to produce a fluorescent product resorufin. This oxidation is catalyzed by Peroxidase in a homogeneous no wash assay system.

The detection reagent can be utilized to detect H2O2 release from cells or enzyme coupled reactions (1-7)


Figure 1. Hydrogen Peroxide titrated in 1X reaction Buffer and measured using the Fluoro H2O2 Kit.

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