Fluoro Cholesterol





Cholesterol is a lipid present in the cell membranes of eukaryotes and circulates in the blood stream. It is used in the biosynthesis of hormones, and plays an important role in cell signaling processes. Cholesterol exists as a free acid, as well as, in the esterified form as cholesteryl esters. Elevated levels of cholesterol are indicated in atherosclerosis and heart disease, and are the subject of large amount of research focused on cholesterol metabolism. Quantitative determination of cholesterol in experimental samples is central to this research.

Cell Technology’s Total Cholesterol kit is a simple one step assay which can be used either as a Fluorimetric or Colorimetric assay to help detect the level of total cholesterol in samples.

Key Benefits

  • Detection of Total Cholesterol in Biological Samples.
  • Easy to Use -Simple ONE STEP assay.
  • Used to study the effect of drugs on Cholesterol Metabolism.
  • Highly Sensitive – Detects up to 200nM of Cholesterol.
  • Versatile – Fluorimetric or Colorimetric readout in a 96 well format.

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