Commercially available ADP is contaminated with trace amounts of ATP. In bioluminescence assays this trace ATP contamination results in high backgrounds and reduces assay sensitivity. Cell Technology’s ADP is purified to remove these trace ATP contaminants and as a result produces ADP that is greater than 99.9% pure.

Molecular weight: 427.20

Molecular formula: C10H15N5O10P2

Key Benefits

>99.9% Pure ADP as tested by P31 NMR – Virtually Free of all ATP contaminants.

Additional information

Bottle Size

1mL, 5mL

Readable Documents

Title Name
Protocol Ultra Pure ADP Protocol.pdf
Datasheet Ultra Pure ADP Datasheet.pdf
msds msds Ultra Pure ADP.pdf


This ADP is designed for use in bioluminescence applications where minimal background ATP contamination is required. ADP can be used as a substrate in enzymatic reactions to generate ATP. Subsequently, ATP can be detected via the bioluminescence reaction of luciferase/luciferin.

shows the two phosphate moieties of ADP, with no trace of a peak indicating the third phosphate of ATP using P31 NMR.

Precautions & Storage

  • Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles by freezing down as aliquots.
  • Product should be stored < -20°C